Negotiating Research – What is the Best Deal for Europe?

We are pleased to invite you to the 23rd Annual EARMA Conference Malta, April 24th-26th 2017

A Welcome Message

johndonovanI am delighted to invite you to Malta for the 2017 EARMA Annual Conference where I can promise you an interesting and exciting programme.

It’s no exaggeration to say that European research has taken a seismic blow with the British electorate’s decision to leave the EU. While we will all likely survive and thrive in the future, there is little doubt that the fundamental nature of the open collaboration between UK researchers and researchers in the rest of the EU and Associated States will change very dramatically… the least important change may be the role of European funding but, rather, the restrictions (actual or implied) placed on researchers around their collaborations with current and former colleagues. These restrictions must be resisted; scientific research cannot be bounded by artificial constraints imposed to ‘punish’ or to ‘isolate’ researchers.

In many ways this conference will be the first opportunity to explore the implications for European science.

It is increasingly clear that simplification has an evil twin, low success rates. They are inseparable yet the challenge remains to maintain the universal accessibility of H2020 but improve the success rates. The best way to do this may well be to concentrate on ‘Excellent Research’. Is it time to re-examine the idea of research as a public good ‘making the breakthroughs’ in Europe.

Malta has a long, distinguished and elegant history. Famous as a fortress city of the Knights of St John, its position, at the heart of the Mediterranean basin, has given it a strategic relevance far beyond what its size would suggest. Between January and June 2017, Malta again moves centre stage holding the Presidency of the EU with all that that entails. Valletta is a vibrant city well worth exploring, our venue, the Mediterranean Conference Centre is an exceptional venue with a history to match.

Come and join us in Malta, I look forward to welcoming you.


Dr. John Donovan,
Chairman, European Research Managers and Administrators

Mediterranean Conference Centre

The 16th century building now the Mediterranean Conference Centre has long been one of Valletta’s most remarkable landmarks. Located towards the tip of Valletta peninsula, the MCC stands for distinction with magnificent views across the Grand Harbour.

The sheer size and scale of the building coupled with its conversion into a modern conference centre in 1979 makes the MCC such an impressive architectural feat today.

In addition to conferences, it offers one of the finest venues in the Mediterranean for a range of events including product launches, exhibitions, conventions, banquets and theatrical performances.

The Centre boasts of impressive spaces, such as the main auditorium, Republic Hall, seating 1,400 in theatre style, the elegant and unique La Valette Hall that offers an imposing banqueting venue for up to 900, as well as a host of individually-styled smaller halls suited for receptions and more modest-scale conferences and seminars. In total, the Centre offers an area of over 7,000 square meters.

The MCC also offers a full complement of audio-visual equipment including interpretation facilities. All rooms have independent sound, light and climate control. When it comes to providing receptions and banqueting, we have selected the largest catering partner on the Island to guarantee you a quality dining experience. The Centre is equipped with an in-house fully-fledged kitchen situated below the La Valette Hall. Given the vast experience of our catering partner, the Centre has the capability to provide up to 4,000 covers a day.