MONDAY APRIL 24th (WORKSHOPS, see above)

17:00-18:00 GENERAL ASSEMBLY, Republic Hall

Reception: Welcome by Pro Rector, University of Malta, Sacra Infermeria

18:10- 20:10 NETWORKING RECEPTION, facilitated by Sean Weafer, Sacra Infermeria



1 Pre-Award: Proposal Development and Funding Opportunities 2 Post Award: Grant Management 3 Professional and Career Development; Transferrable Skills 4 Post-Award: Research Strategies and Policies, the Global Dimension and Collaboration with non-Academic Partners 5 International Collaboration and Funding 6 Sponsors/ EARMA


Welcome and and opening addresss by Hon. Parliamentary Secretary Chris Agius
(Parliamentary Secretariat for Research, Innovation, Youth and Sport), Republic Hall

Panel Debate


Panel Debate: Negotiating Research: What is the Best Deal for European Research Republic Hall. Facillitated by Sean McCarthy, Hyperion. Panelists: Christina Miller, UKRO Director, Peter Fisch, independent expert, formerly EC); Thomas Estermann (Director, Governance, Funding & Public Policy Development at EUA); Dr. James Foden(Director of R&I Programmes Malta Council for Sciene and Technology)


Coffee Break, Sacra Infermeria

11:30-12:30 Parallel Sessions 1 Preparing Your Researchers for Ethical Approval. MR. ISIDOROS KARATZAS
European Commission, MA Grima Hall
The 3-in-1 Horizon 2020 Financial Checkpoint Essentials, Mr Yoram Lev-Yehudi, Managing Director Beacon Technology, Temi Zammit Hall Hiring the Right Staff to Negotiate Research:   From Position Description to Candidate Selection Ms. Barbara Gray, East Carolina University, David Bruce Hall Bumpy road from idea to market in H2020 proposals: US perspective, Mr Lance Leverette, Industrial Market Research Analyst USA, Vasalli Hall Do we need ‘perfect proposals’? *T1. Peter Fisch, Independent expert (formerly European Commission), Republic Hall Funding strategies and the funding model canvas, ttopstart academy, Patrick de Boer, MSc, Partner of ttopstart,
Andree Schram, PhD, Senior Consultant at ttopstart, Sponsored Session, La Cassiere Hall

Lunch break, Sacra Infermeria

13:50-14:50 Parallel Sessions 2 The future of EU Funding – Key issues for universities *T4. Thomas Estermann (Director, Governance, Funding & Public Policy Development at EUA), Republic Hall Horizon 2020 legal framework – the modified DESCA model for Marie Sk.-Curie Actions, Mr. Christian Jäger, University of Freiberg
Mr. Siegfried Huemer, Vienna University of Technology, Temi Zammit Hall
The Research Administration Profession in Small Island States and Small Jurisdictions, Mr. Christian Bonnici, University of Malta, La Cassiere Hall Demystifying Joint Programming. Jörg Niehoff, European Commission, MA Grima Hall Reducing Administrative Burden While Improving Information Quality. David Baker, Executive Director, CASRAI, Vasalli Hall EARMA addresses diversity – the CD Working Group, David Bruce Hall
14:50-15:50 Parallel Sessions 3 Crowdfunding – an alternative to research funding cuts?   Dr. Pasi Sihvonen – University of Helsinki, Dr. Matias Partanen – University of Helsinki, Temi Zammit Hall Where next for open access in Europe? Mr. Rob Johnson, Research Consulting
Mr. Pablo De Castro, University of Strathclyde, MA Grima Hall
Hard kicking soft tools for optimal matchmaking Ms Jane Lykke Boll, University of Copenhagen, David Bruce Hall International collaborative research and the role of associated countries (2) Ms Charlotte Geerdink, European Advisor for Innovation, SwissCore, Mr Yngve Joseph Foss, Head of Office and IGLO Chair, Research Council of Norway, Brussels Office, Christina Miller, UKRO Director, Republic Hall European Research and Innovation Centres in Brazil, China and USA – the step ahead on the cooperation and internationalization of European research and innovation Mr Andre Barbosa, SPI; Dr Markus Will, Fraunhofer IPK, Dr Svetlana Klessova Inno TSD, Dr Sara Medina, SPI, Vasalli Hall Idox Sponsored Session, La Cassiere Hall

Coffee Break, Sacra Infermeria

16:20-17:20 Parallel Sessions 4 Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions – Individual fellowships: young researchers’ future is a big deal to EU   Mrs. Laura Paternoster – University of Trento, Dr. Mario Roccaro (EC), Mr. Epaminondas Christofilopoulos – Praxi Network, Republic Hall Lower success rates in Horizon 2020 – the RMA perspective, pains and remedies, Ms Katrin Reschwamm, Eurelations AG, Mr Yoram Bar-Zeev, Beacon, Ms Annika Glauner, EU GrantsAccess, Dr Mohammed Belhaj, University of Gothenburg, Mr Bruno Wöran, Merinova, Vasalli Hall When to Say No and How to Say It: Turning Negative Situations into Positive Results Mr Robert Andresen, University of Wisconsin-Madison, La Cassiere Hall A value proposition model for research management and administration; using it in practice Dr. Olaf Svenningsen, DARMA, MA Grima Hall Applying for NIH Grants by Non-US Organisations – Lessons Learnt, Mr Yoram Lev-Yehudi, Managing Director Beacon Technology, Temi Zammit Hall Research Management Associations in small countries – challenges and opportunities, various speakers, David Bruce Hall

Conference Dinner at the Mediterranean Conference Centre

DAY TWO Wednesday April 26th

Keynote, 9:00-10:00 Business as Usual? Framework 9 and the Future of the West, William Cullerne Bown, founder and executive chairman of *Research, Republic Hall

Coffee Break, Sacra Infermeria

10:30-11:30 Parallel Sessions 5 The ultimate RA support system for ERC candidates Ms. Yasmin Wachs – Beacon Tech Ltd, Mr. Yoram Bar-Zeev – Beacon Tech Ltd, MA Grima Hall Internal invoicing – nightmare or challenge? How to follow internal rules and national law while administering an EU project, Ms. Sussi Mikaelsson, Umeå University
Mrs. Malin Ceder, University of Gothenburg
Mrs. Carina Forsberg, Umeå University, David Bruce Hall
RAAAP: Research Administration As A Profession   Dr Simon Kerridge, University of Kent, Vasalli Hall Bridging the Gap between Research Development and Research Administration Ms Jennifer Ponting, Harvard University, La Cassiere Hall The Profile of Successful Organisations in Horizon 2020   *T3. Sean McCarthy, Hyperion, Republic Hall Widening Participation and Excellence, new frontiers                 Magda De Carli, Head of Unit, European Commission, Zygmund Krazinski, Director of NCP, Poland, Katarzyna Walczyk-Matuszyk, Deputy Director, H2020 Poland, Nadine Catillo, Director Policy and Strategy Unit, H2020 NCP, Malta Council for Science and Technology, Temi Zammit Hall


11:40 -12:40 Parallel Sessions 6 Experience the novel Impact Canvas tool Ms. Leena Köppä – Tampere University of Technology, Ms. Stina Boedeker – University of Tampere, Dr. Jörg Langwaldt – Tampere University of Technology, David Bruce Hall H2020 Financial Reporting – latest retroactive changes in the Model Grant Agreement, Dr. Poul Petersen
University of Copenhagen, Temi Zammit Hall
Comparative Approach to Impact   Helen Lewis, Director of Research and Enterprise at the University of East Angli, Mr Liam Cleer, Dr Anna Augustyniak, MA Grima Hall Untangling the European Funding Landscape, Christine Miller, UKRO Director, Republic Hall Collaboration with Japan Dr. Olga Gritsai, University of Amsterdam
Ms. Yoshie Kawahito, Osaka University
Prof. Nobuo Ueno, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) London
Ms. Kumiko Nakayama, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) Paris Office, Vasalli Hall
Using Research Professional – a practical example, La Cassiere Hall

Lunch break, Sacra Infermeria

14:00 -15:00 Parallel Sessions 7 Clinical Trials and Horizon 2020: Squaring the circle Mr. Yoram Bar-Zeev – Beacon Tech Ltd, Ms. Yasmin Wachs – Beacon Tech Ltd, David Bruce Hall Privacy in research: asking the right questions, Mrs. Esther Hoorn
University of Groningen, MA Grima Hall
Certified Research Manager – an added value? Mr Jakob Feldtfos Christensen, Aarhus University, Mrs Esther Philips, Leiden University, Dr Evelina Brännvall, Luleå University of Technology, Dr Ignasi Salvadó Estivill, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Republic Hall


From Valletta to Delphi, from Europe to China, an insight in foresight! Mr Epaminondas Christofilopoulos, Foundation fo Research and Technology Hellas, Temi Zammit Hall What European Researchers should be aware of when receiving US federal funds Mr. Nicolas Schulthess, ETH Zurich
Ms. Jennifer Ponting, Harvard University, Office for sponsored Programs
Mr. Robert Andresen, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Vasalli Hall
TR Clara Sponsored Session, La Cassiere Hall
15:10 -16:00 Parallel Sessions 8 Third country STI collaboration under Agenda 2030 with low and middle income countries. **T5 Mrs. Marjolein Van Griethuysen – Erasmus University Rotterdam, Other speakers to add, MA Grima Hall Communicating the impact of your institution or project, Dr. Dan Csontos, Elevate Scientific
Ms. Lucía Arévalo, EURECAT (Technology Centre of Catalonia), David Bruce Hall
Future-proofing the profession: developing RMAs’ careers, Ms Tania Tambiah, RMIT University, Temi Zammit Hall The influcence of politics on the research agenda – or unanticipated change events; Agatha Keller, ETH Zurich, Dr Simon Kerridge, University of Kent, Republic Hall Brazil: Steps forward to H2020! Brazilian co-funding schemes to further enhance cooperation between the EU and Brazil in research & innovation.Mrs. Berna Windischbaur, FFG-Austrian Research Promotion Agency
Mr. Julio Cesar Imenes, FINEP
Ms. Chiara Davalli, EBN – European BIC Network, Vasalli Hall
Worktribe Sponsored Session, La Cassiere Hall

Coffee Break, Sacra Infermeria

16:40 – 17:40 Parallel Sessions 9 Coaching Researchers to Write Successful Grant Proposals, Dr. Robert Porter, Republic Hall Setting up a research project management team: aims and challenges, Dr. Floora Ruokonen,
University of Helsinki
Dr. Riikka Raitio,
Aalto University
Dr. Tuija Heikura,
Aalto University, MA Grima Hall
The Blended Professional in Academia: bringing them further, Dr Mirjam Siesling Tilburg University, Mrs Susi Poli University of Bologna, Dr Aygen Kurt-Dickson London School of Economics and Political Science, MA Grima Hall Beyond TRL 7: A Research Manager’s Guide to Impact   *T1 Dr. Stephen Webb
RTDS Group, Temi Zammit Hall
International Research Partnership Grants To Facilitate Global Networks, Leverage New Funding And Advance Research And Innovation Ms. Madalina Mirea,
Mr. Drew Knight,
Ms. Meaghan Winfield,
University of Waterloo, Canada, Vasalli Hall
Free access to Research Infrastructures RICH Sponsored Session, La Cassiere Hall

Closing Session, Republic Hall