Topics submission: Friday, October 5th, 2018 at 17:00 CET


Guidelines for topics submission

  • Author: This is the person submitting the abstract. The system defaults is author = presenter. However, if you are not also the presenter, please click on link “(I’m not the author)”. You will then be able to add the details of the presenter.  In either case, you can nominate as many authors (maximum of 2-3 presenters) as you wish. Nevertheless, bear in mind that for standard presentations, the usual case will be one presenter per session. There may be cases, however, where a joint presentation will add more value. If you suggest a panel discussion, you will have more than one presenter. A “Corresponding Author” is the main contact for communications about the topic. The usual case will be that this is the same as the presenter. However, authors are welcome to nominate a colleague who will deal with communications about the topic. You do this by simply adding another author. 
  • Topic Area: Please indicate the main topic of your proposal
  • Abstract: A short descriptive piece explaining your presentation and your format choice for a non-expert audience (250 words)
  • Level of experience: Please indicate to which level of experience in the audience your proposal suits the best:
    • “New to Topic”  (no prior knowledge required)
    • “All”  (Any level / any experience will find it interesting)
    • “Experienced only” (requiring considerable previous knowledge)


Format: You are welcome to choose the preference of the presentation format; however ACPC reserves the right to allocate the format most suitable for the Conference structure.