1. Pre-Award (including, but not restricted to: research development; funding opportunities; grant writing; evaluation experience…)
  2. Post-Award (including, but not restricted to: project management, grant management, legal/ financial aspects, audit, conflict of interest, litigation, internal allocation of funding, personal payments, tax…)
  3. Impact
  4. International (including, but not restricted to: collaborating across national boundaries (particularly including outside Europe); working with foreign funding;)
  5. Policy and Strategy (including, but not restricted to: Research Policy/Strategy development and implementation…
  6. Responsible Research and Innovation (including, but not restricted to: research integrity, gender issues, public engagement, ethics, all aspects of open science and innovation such as publishing, data and policies to enhance openness locally, nationally or internationally)
  7. EARMA and Professional Development, Soft Skills and Office Development (including, but not restricted to: presentations of EARMA standing committees; Issues related to professional development, recognition of profession; Certificate Programmes, Soft Skills relevant to RMAs; Organising the full project cycle or any of its parts within or between organisations, distribution of work, benchmarking and team and leadership development
  8. Sponsors
  9. Other


Each Session will have a 60 min time slot, but may contain several formats of shorter durations:

Please read the session format descriptions

  • Oral 60 mins
  • Oral 30 mins
  • Panel Session 60 mins
  • Fifteen Minute Discussion Tables
  • Pecha Kucha
  • Sponsor Sessions 60 mins
  • Sponsor Sessions 30 mins
  • Poster
  • Other


Please read the full descriptions of Session Formats HERE