The publishers of *Research Europe provide you with Total Funding Awareness via their online platform *Research Professional.

A subscription to the service includes:

  • Thousands of open calls for all disciplines from over 8,000 funders
  • A searchable database of previous grant winners from key funders across the globe
  • Authoritative news, analysis and comment from a large global team of journalists
  • Proven know-how on research funding bodies, programmes and policy development to help in the application process and win more proposals

Developed over the last 20 years to tackle the real needs of researchers. Hundreds of institutions across the world consider *Research Professional to be the vital ingredient in building a successful research enterprise.

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Idox Europe’s leading provider of funding and policy information

The Grants arm of Idox has, since 1985, been recognised as Europe’s leading provider of funding and policy information services. It seeks to support organisations at every stage of the funding process from identification of suitable funding to application and management.

As part of this, Idox provides:

  • Professional funding solutions including RESEARCHconnect International, a dedicated research funding service designed to support the international research community. EARMA members can sign up to receive a product demonstration by visiting
  • End-to-end funding expertise utilising over 30 years’ funding experience to transform complex content projects into co-ordinated ventures that deliver tangible outcomes for clients:
  • Dedicated grants consultancy including scoping the European funding landscape for relevant client opportunities, compiling high-quality funding bids, and providing administrative support in order to streamline project activity

We are delighted to be recognised as Gold Sponsors of EARMA and will be showcasing our services and expertise in the areas of funding and intelligence to continue to support organisations across Europe.

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