EARMA Conference 2016, Pre-conference Workshops
Monday 20th June 2016, Lulea, Sweden

This year in a new departure, EARMA are introducing a number of paid professional standard, full day workshops with definitive learning outcomes. Registration for a workshop is only possible in conjunction with registering for the conference.

Workshop Title Date Time Member Rate Non Member Rate
Financial Reporting Monday 20th 10.00 – 17.00 (Full Day) €475 €575
Communication Skills Monday 20th 10.00 – 17.00 (Full Day) €475 €575
Accessing US Federal Research funding for European Institutions Monday 20th 10.00 – 17.00 (Full Day) €475 €575
Leadership in Research Sunday 19th & Monday 20th 12.00 – 12.00 €690 €825
Pasta Making Monday 20th 15.00 (Half Day) €30 €30


*Swedish VAT @ 25% is applicable to the above

Workshop 1 - Financial Reporting

1. Full Day Financial Reporting for FP7 and H2020 programmes. FP7 and H2020 Financial Rules in theory and in practice. Detailed introduction to financial rules for H2020 and FP7; financial project management:

10:00 – 17:00, 20th June 2016

Basic facts, definition of the budget, importance of the resources;
Reimbursement models; Forms of Costs
Eligible and Non-eligible costs with comparison and all exceptions; Direct/Indirect Costs;
Personnel Costs calculations – showing the possible ways;
Subcontracting and Third-party Articles (Article 11-14)
Equipments, Travel costs, Consumables, other costs vs. Overheads and subcontracting;
Indirect costs calculation;
Funding Rates and EC payments;
Guarantee Fund;
Certificates on Financial Statements,
Workshop Faculty: Dr Gabor Kitley and Ms. Krisztina Toth, Europa Media

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Workshop 2 - Communication Skills

2. Full Day – Communication Skills for European Research Administrator.

10:00 – 17:00,  20th June 2016

By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the scope, rights and responsibilities that build the core of effective Communication in Research Administration.
  • Appreciate the roles that academic, research manager and administrator and institutions play in the communication process.
  • Gain insight into different aspects of individual work-life-balance.
  • Have had the opportunity to discuss challenges and issues in their own institutional practice.

Workshop Faculty: Rebekka Steinmann, Technische Hochschule Nürnberg, Germany

Workshop 3 - European Institutions: Accessing US Federal Research Funds

3. ‘European Institutions: Accessing US Federal Research Funds and how to Manage Them’

10:00 – 17:00,  20th June 2016

EARMA, in collaboration with NCURA, the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA), brings this special full-day workshop to Luleå, Sweden on Monday 20th June 2016. The workshop takes place as a pre-conference event to the EARMA 2016 conference.

This workshop is the European leg of the joint programme and is focuses on ‘European Institutions: Accessing US Federal Research Funds and how to Manage Them’

At the end of the workshop, participants will understand;

  • The structure of US Federal Research Funding Programmes
  • How to access US Federal Research Funding Programmes
  • Reporting and management obligations consequent on US Federal Research Funding

Workshop Faculty: Dr. Agatha Keller, Co-Director EU GrantsAccess, ETH Zurich | University of Zurich, Dr. David J. Mayo, Director of Sponsored Research, California Institute of Technology


Workshop 4 - Leadership in Research

4. Leadership in Research

Meeting the Challenge

12:00, 19th – 12:00 20th June 2016 Luleå, Sweden

The purpose of the seminar is to encourage you, as head of the Research Office, to discuss, learn and hone your leadership skills and prepare for some of the most pressing challenges ahead. You will network with colleagues from Europe’s leading research institutions. Speakers from US and Canada will provide a global perspective. The outcome of the seminar is new knowledge, documented and shared among the participants.

Who should attend?

The target audience are those in a leadership role in the management and administration of research and equivalent, key staff in research funding organisations.

Theme: Open Science, Open Innovation, Open to the world

New concepts have emerged in research, what do they mean, what are the challenges for research, and how to sustain this in the Research Office.

Subtheme a) Benchmarking and ranking.

The purpose is to discuss and learn how to deal with ambitions on an institutional or departmental level, managing indicators, measure performance and quality in a way that make sense in a complex environment.

Subtheme b) How to contribute to Institutional Research Strategies in a changing funding environment.

How can a strategy help to maneuver in a changing world, what is the role of the administration and the academic leadership, and how to develop such strategies?

Leadership Workshop Draft Programme

Day 1, 19th June 2016:

12:00 – Welcome, networking lunch

13:00 – Presentation and introduction – Jan Andersen, Senior Executive Officer, Technical University Denmark.

Facilitators: Pamela Miller, PhD Director of Office of Sponsored Research, University of California, Berkeley, USA and Michael Owen, PhD Vice-President Research, Innovation and International, University of Toronto, Canada.

14:00 – Keynote introduction on Open Science – Professor David Budtz-Petersen, University of Aalborg, Copenhagen, Denmark.

15:00 – Group work

16:00 – Shared experiences

16:30 – Key note introduction to Benchmarking and ranking: “How to stay on the top” Dr. Peter Hedges Head of Research Office at Cambridge, UK and MA Agatha Keller, Head of EU Grants Access, ETH Zürich, Switzerland.

17:30 – Group work

18:00 – Off time

20:00 – Networking dinner

Day 2, 20th June 2016:

8:00 – Breakfast

9:00 – Institutional research strategies

Introduction: Michael Owen and Pamela Miller

10:00 – Group work

11:00 – Follow up

12:00 – Lunch and closing


The programme is open to those in a leadership role in the management and administration of research and equivalent key staff in research funding organisations who are interested in the burning issues that are on the agenda of research offices and funders.

The outcome of the seminar will be documented in a publication.

The seminar is a free-standing event, and its content will be relevant for those who sign up for the EARMA-Leadership certificate.


Workshop 5 - Pasta Making

5. Pasta Making. Creative ways to enhance team building in today’s Research Management and Administration Environment

15:00,  20th June 2016

Presenters: Susi Poli (Doctoral Candidate, UCL Institute of Education, University College London, susi.poli.14@ucl.ac.uk) and Jan Andersen (Senior Executive Advisor Research and Innovation Office University of Copenhagen mail to: jaan@life.ku.dk)

Chair: Anna Groeninx, University of Leiden

Boost your conference outcome: the EARMA Pasta Making Exercise Lulea 2016 (EPME) will give a powerful-introduction to new colleagues, be fun, and a team-work learning experience to remember for a lifetime. After a short introduction you will take part in a real life cooking exercise, closing with some reflections on the importance of roles and teamwork in Research Management.

We will focus on formal and informal leadership, who are the followers and who are the leaders in today’s research, and also how to lead when you are not in charge. The EPME highlights the role of soft skills in team building and how people may matter more than roles.

Items on the agenda, which will be discussed and worked with in a practical situation, will be: typologies of team players; roles in managing and handling stressful situations.

Pasta making has proven to be a dynamic, creative and also a challenging but refreshing learning process. The EPME aims to be an interactive exercise.

The aim is to attract newcomers to the EARMA Annual Conference, providing a fast-track to networking with colleagues, and improving your outcome of having attending the conference.

Please note that as the main part of the exercise will be practical pasta making, participants should wear practical clothes. As there is only a limited amount of places (12) available for the pasta making, participants are required to pre-register.

A small fee of €30 plus VAT per participants will be charged for materials etc.

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