The format is the more usual format and consists of one (two) speakers and allowing for questions and answers. This is a good format if the participant needs updates on running issues or to receive new information. A presentation can be from 10 to 100 people.  There are two specific types of presentation:

a) Plenary sessions: These are mostly initiated by the ACC and/or board. Plenary sessions are stand-alone sessions, whereas most others will be a parallel session.

b) Keynote session: These are either conference keynotes (again usually initiated by board) or Track Keynote sessions which will usually be the first topic within a Track.

Panel or Roundtable Session

A panel session focuses on stimulating an interactive discussion with the audience. Two or three speakers give their (opposite) views on a certain topic and discuss their opinions with one another and the audience, under the guidance of a moderator. It is recommended that approximately 30% of the session is dedicated to questions and answers, discussions or other formats that encourage audience participation.

A roundtable session is similar but usually has more speakers (max 15). The chair is expert in the field, acting as a moderator, introduces the theme and stimulates the exchange of experiences among the participants.

Exceptionally, a panel or roundtable session can be a closed session, but in this case it will not be advertised as part of the programme and invitations will only be sent to those who will participate. A full justification needs to be given for such a session


Workshops are intended to be in-depth training or learning experiences. Participants are required to pre-register for a workshop. This means that workshops must offer participants a recognisable ‘product’ that provides them with enhanced knowledge and skills, documents and information. The learning outcomes and the interactivity component of the workshop must be clearly defined. A workshop can either be for a half day or full day.

Sponsored Session

Some sessions or workshops may be sponsored and this will be clearly indicated if applicable. Sponsored sessions are not advertorials of the product but a genuine contribution to the debate on RM&A.


Some topics can be best explained by an A0 poster on which an idea, new insight, process is presented. Posters should be designed in an attractive way since it is difficult to attract audience. Sometimes a poster session is better than an oral presentation due to time constraints in the latter. During a typical oral presentation there is only 10-15 minutes for questions and comments while a poster session lasts for few hours, allowing for more in-depth discussions.

Other Formats

Other innovative methods of presenting and outlining a session are welcomed and encouraged – for example questions and answers, interactive games, illustrating with film, etc. please indicate in your topic

Results of your Submission:

You will receive an email acknowledgement of your proposal submission.   The ACC will meet in late January 2016 to make a final decision on what topics to accept.  You will be notified of the result of these deliberations in due course.  Regrettably we cannot accept proposals after the deadline unless specifically invited by the ACC.​